The cupcake-concha makes its way to Sonoma County

The enthusiasm showed by bakers all over Mexico and exposed through social media has sparked a series of gastronomic innovations to the popular ‘concha’ a favorite among ‘pan dulce’ lovers.  And the fever has hit Sonoma County — Castañeda's Marketplace baked the 'manteconcha' in Windsor.

This cupcake-concha was made by the hands of Leticia García, 47, who baked three styles of manteconcha after she saw news of this creation on social media. She was on a roll.

"I saw it on Facebook, and then I looked for more on YouTube. Since I have all the equipment, I started doing them. That was it. The owner liked them and we put them on sale," García said with trays of fresh baked manteconchas displayed in front of her back at Castañeda’s bakery spot.

So this is a regular concha:

And this is a regular cupcake, in Spanish known as mantecadas:

You blend them together and you get these manteconchas:

Castañeda's customers with a sweet tooth have received them well, said García, who learned how to bake in Woodland, California, eleven years ago.

"It sells very, very well," she said. "If I put it on display right now in the morning, when I leave at 2-3 in the afternoon there’s nothing left. You won’t find them next day, because if they don’t go by morning they’ll be gone for sure by the afternoon when people come to shop."

José Castañeda, owner of Castañeda's Market, said he didn’t know that the manteconcha was trending on social media, "but it's working."

Besides the manteconcha, the bakery has a variety of "pan dulce," such as empanadas, banderillas, polvorones, conchas, mantecadas, orejas, bolillo, telera, cakes and flan.

According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, the creator of the manteconcha is a baker from Querétaro, Josué Rivera Arriaga, from El Manantial bakery, although the patent registration was made by another man in Tlalnepantla. Bimbo was interested in the commercialization of the pastry, but gave up, according to media in Mexico.

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