Roseland resident plans the first food truck market in Santa Rosa

Ricardo Ibarra
Written by Ricardo Ibarra


Ignacio Álvarez has a vision, to create the first food truck market in Santa Rosa, more precisely on the street known for its gastronomic options, Sebastopol Road, in the newly incorporated neighborhood of Roseland, almost on the corner of Stony Point Road.

His plan is ambitious. In an open space of almost two acres, Álvarez plans to develop the facility in the next few months so that six to ten food trucks can feed customers, implement an entertainment park for children and another for adults, an area for picnic tables, bathrooms and a parking lot.

“My idea is to create an environment where six to ten food trucks with different styles of food can park and serve food daily. We would have restrooms, tables and a playground in the back where children can have fun and not wander off to the street,” said Álvarez, 69, known in Roseland as Don Nacho.

But there is a catch. The city of Santa Rosa still needs to approve the permits for a project that has never been built in the city and also approve the architectural development planned for the site — although Sonoma County already has the first of these initiatives in Petaluma with The Block.

“Now everything depends on whether the city approves the project. If they suggest changes, we will do them,” said Álvarez, who will be presenting the construction plan to city officials in the next few days.

The business of renting space for taco trucks is not new to him, for years he has rented a spot at his parking lot on West Avenue and Sebastopol Road to El Roy’s Mexican Grill, where since 1993 he has managed Joyería María where in addition to jewelry, he also sells bus tickets to regions in Mexico, offers package services, his customers can cash checks and send money to relatives in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Since January of last year, the Super Taco truck is parked on Don Nacho’s new lot, located next to Whiskey Tip bar, providing a variety of tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas and appetizers. And it will also be the first food truck to have access to what Álvarez calls his “food truck shopping center”.

Miguel Reyes, 38, owner of Super Taco, said that 2017 was a challenge to access the culinary market on Sebastopol Road. “There was a lot of rain at the beginning of the year, and then we had the fires in October. It was a very difficult year,” Reyes said.

However, he is optimistic and looks forward to Álvarez’ project. “This will attract more people. I look forward to it because this is a street known for its food. It’s a good place for that.”

Alvarez, who began his business venture in the late 80s selling and reselling jewelry in Sonoma County’s flea markets, also holds hope in his vision.

With the development of more housing in the area, Álvarez said “there will be more people here and when people get hungry, we’ll be here. If some can’t afford to go to a restaurant downtown, they can bring their family here and eat a taco or a burrito and be happy.”

Álvarez is in a hurry to finish, he hopes to have the space open for summer. “If everything sticks to the plan, we would open in July. Anything can happen.”

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Posted by La Prensa Sonoma on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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