Cool down with aguas frescas, paletas and nieves in Sonoma County

Mayra Lopez
Written by Mayra Lopez

Although children are back in school, summer isn’t ready to go. With a few more weeks of warm weather left, find out where to stay cool with some refreshing agua frescaspaletas and helados that can be found throughout Sonoma County.


For locals craving fresh agua fresca, one place immediately comes to mind: Fru-Ta! The natural artisan ice cream shop has become a favorite for its variety of unique flavored ice cream, paletas, smoothies and more. Check out their cucumber mint agua fresca, cheese ice cream, and pico de gallo paleta! With four locations in Sonoma County, there are plenty of opportunities to try their delicious treats. In Santa Rosa: 2770 Stony Point Rd, 52 Mission Circle and 3080 Marlow Rd. In Petaluma279 N. McDowell Blvd.

La Michoacana

It’s hard to miss La Michoacana when you are in Sonoma. Their colorful building just draws you and what you find inside is a shop filled with sweet desserts with a Mexican twist. The shop makes their nieves, paletas and agua frescas on-site, and loves to play with flavors like tequila, spicy pineapple, and guava. Step outside the box and try the chongos ice cream, which is made up of a sweet soft cheese with tastes of cinnamon, that is drizzled with syrup. 18495 Highway 12 in Sonoma.

Frozen Art Gourmet Ice Cream 

If you’re on the healthier sweet treats to cool down with try Frozen Art Gourmet. The shop makes tasty paletas with flavors like coconut, cucumber with chile,  red currant, and even pine nut. The shop makes ice creams as well, with many interesting flavors like avocado, merlot chocolate chip, Lagunitas beer, rose petal and more! Try the popular fresas con crema — strawberries with cream. 500 Sebastopol Rd, Suite B in Santa Rosa.

Arctic Neveria 

With homemade ice creams, shaved ice and iced teas on their menu, Arctic Neveria has plenty of delicious treats to choose from to satisfy your sweets cravings. Their milky Thai tea and boba drinks are popular requests, but their homemade fruit ice creams also steal the show. Swing by the shop and try their nieve de elote for a unique treat! The nevería also serve savory snacks like chicharrón (pork rind) topped with lettuce, avocado and salsa. 1620 Mendocino Ave in Santa Rosa.

Colores Ice Cream and Cake

How about adding some freshly squeezed juice to the menu, a healthy option to start your mornings or to end the day at Colores. And if you take your own cup, you’ll get a dollar discount in their juices and licuados — a form of smoothie with a touch of sugar. You’ll also find a variety of aguas frescas and nieves. Take a Cajeta Cake on your way out to your celebration. Venues are located at 443 Dutton in Santa Rosa and 423 Center in Healdsburg.

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