Cinco de Mayo Festival will stay in Roseland: organizers

Ricardo Ibarra
Written by Ricardo Ibarra

After announcing that the Cinco de Mayo Festival was to be celebrated outside the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Roseland, and for the first time at the Old Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa, one of the organizers of the annual fiesta Sylvia Lemus said it will remain in Roseland.

“It’s going back to where it belongs,” Lemus said after the dilemma of having the Roseland Village construction work on the large paved land between Sebastopol Road and West Avenue, where local authorities have given a deadline for homeless people living there to leave before the end of March.

“There were people linked to District 5 who reached out to tell us to keep it in Roseland,” Lemus said, without going into further details of how the change happened.

The confusion occurred after the organizing committee was informed that the space in Roseland would not be available for two years because of construction, starting between April and May.

“This festival really belongs to Roseland and District 5 got involved when they learned it was not going to be in Roseland. I don’t know how it happened,” said Lemus.

District 5 Supervisor Lynda Hopkins said she was concerned about the Festival moving out of Roseland. “It would be so sad to see it away from Roseland, mostly since this will be the first year Roseland is part of the city of Santa Rosa. So it’s really now a Santa Rosa event”.

Hopkins said she reached out to city’s council members to keep the event in Roseland. At the end, they found a solution. “Santa Rosa thought the CDC was not allowing the event on the usual premises, but it was not true. They were not allowing events inside the library. Once we got everything clear we knew there was confusion because of miscommunication.”

She was also concerned about the people that depends on the Cinco de Mayo Festival. “We were worried because the community is so proud of this family event that boosts the economy and attracts so much people.”

“This Cinco de Mayo Festival is vital for the economy of dozens of vendors that get there every year,” said Lemus, taking out of Roseland would have left many of them out because of the smaller space at the square.

Roseland Cinco de Mayo Festival will continue according to the usual schedule from 3 to 9 pm and will keep both stages, besides food and services of up to the 100 vendors, said Lemus.

Organizers expect the arrival of 10,000 to 12,000 attendees on Saturday May 5 as in past editions.

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Posted by La Prensa Sonoma on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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